Pickture is a new concept outdoor cinema festival.

Surrounding a central food and wine hub, three cinemas will run a selection of retro-fun flicks. Pick your favourite movie and find a seat in the dedicated cinema seating or continue to enjoy a drink at the bar or chat with friends. Audio from 2 of the cinemas will be transmitted via radio - receivers with standard 3.5mm audio jacks supplied with seating.


  • Earphones will be available to purchase for $5, but for enhanced audio and comfort bring you own headphones. Ensure your headphones have the standard 3.5mm jack.
  • Once the movies start, you can stay in the food and wine hub and view two of the screens from your table.
  • Kids can watch one film while parents watch another.
  • The temperature may drop so don’t forget a blanket.
  • This is not a shhhhhh event.

  • Brought to you by City Renewal Authority
    Proudly part of the 2019 Enlighten Program

    @cityrenewalCBR @enlightenau

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